Our Vision

Creative Experiences


There are a lot of organizations doing great meaningful work in the community. That's amazing! We are inspired by them. 

Creative Vida just thinks there are more exciting ways of doing things and sets itself apart through creative experiences. 

In every event we bring to life we try our best to be orignial, creative, innovative, colorful, edgy, contreversial at times, and always a good amount of crazy. It's the crazy ones that change the world right?

Our team is full of young, excited, dare-to-be-different leaders. It's the only way we would ever be able to pull this off. We get motivated when peole we share our projects with think we're being a bit unrealistic. That means we're on the right path! Think BIG right! 

Creative Vida has a vision of a happy, loving, thriving, and exciting life for anyone that we're able to impact. Our projects are starting out in Houston, TX, but with time, faith, and hard work our impact will go global. 

Our vision includes working with large socially impactful organizations that can facilitate the growth and brand of our projects. We can't wait to send our work to other countries too! 

When we close our eyes. We have a full calendar year of life-changing events that are all unique creative experiences!


Jose Avalos